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Our Story

In the heart of Gulu, Uganda, Gulu Made was founded on a dual mission: to design exquisite bags and backpacks while concurrently infusing hope into a community deeply affected by conflict. Our story is one of craftsmanship and compassion, with a commitment to creating products that transcend mere functionality. Through engaging local artisans, providing sustainable livelihoods, and supporting community initiatives, Gulu Made has become a symbol of resilience—a brand where every purchase contributes to a brighter, more hopeful future.
Gulu, once ground zero in the devastating civil conflict led by the infamous warlord Joseph Kony, emerged as the canvas for our mission. Instead of shying away from the region's painful history, we embraced it, viewing Gulu as a place brimming with resilience, strength, and untapped potential.

Our partners

Empowering Gulu Through Skill Fusion:

Gulu stands apart with a notable community of highly skilled sewers, predominantly comprising women trained in the post-war era to rebuild their lives and secure a livelihood. Despite their expertise, employment opportunities for these talented individuals in Gulu remained elusive.

Driven by a vision for sustainable change, we recognized an opportunity to fuse our design proficiency with their sewing skills, creating a symbiotic relationship. Our belief in this collaboration isn't just about crafting products; it's about crafting a future. Join us in making an impact through sustainable employment, ensuring that the skillful hands of Gulu's artisans continue to shape a thriving community for generations to come.


Gulu Made

It's not just unexpected to establish a backpack factory in Uganda; it's unexpected to build one at all! Traditionally, bag companies follow a common path – designing products and collaborating with contract manufacturers, often situated in Asia, to bring these designs to life. However, we chose a different route, defying norms. We believe in the extraordinary potential of unexpected places, and our backpack factory in Uganda is a testament to redefining the "normal" way of doing things. Join us in this unique journey where innovation meets tradition, crafting backpacks that transcend expectations

In our pursuit of providing sustainable employment for the resilient women of Gulu, we realized that to truly fulfill our mission, we needed to forge our own path. We made a bold decision – to be both the "designers" and the "makers" in our journey. Thus, Gulu Made came into existence. Our story is one of empowerment, where each stitch is a step towards sustainable futures. Join us as we redefine the narrative, proving that being both the creator and craftsperson is the key to lasting change. With Gulu Made, every product becomes a piece of a brighter, self-sufficient tomorrow.


What We Believe In

At Gulu Made, we hold steadfast beliefs that shape not just our products but the very essence of who we are
The Power of Work and Dignity. Work is more than just a means for income—it embodies dignity.
Commerce as a Virtuous Cycle. We believe in the transformative power of commerce, benefiting both the consumer and the maker.
Creation and the Inner Creator. Every human is made in the image of a Creator, and creation is a powerful reflection of that essence.